Jean Grae - This Week - Vinyl 2XLP

Jean Grae - This Week - Vinyl 2XLP

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One might think that it's difficult for a female rapper to survive in the game today without being materialistic or salacious. However, Jean Grae on her album This Week makes it look simple, substituting overly sexual lines with vigorous rhymes, especially in songs like "A-alikes" and "Watch Me". Don't think that she had to substitute her femininity to do this though. Take "Supa Luv", where she narrates her attraction over some "tall drink of water" while contemplating her future with him, similar to a romance novel. Backed by the soulful samples of 9th Wonder, Jean once again displays her remarkable talents for the world to witness.
Released September 24, 2004

Track List:

1. Intro (feat. Ruddy Rock)
2. A-Alikes
3. Cuervo Loco (Skit)
4. Going Crazy
5. Clock (Skit)
6. Style Wars (feat. Block McCloud)
7. Not Like Me
8. Supa Luv
9. Give It Up
10. Whatever
11. The Wall
12. Before the Spot (Skit)
13. You Don't Want It
14. Watch Me
15. P.S.
16. Dont Rush Me
17. Fyre Blazer
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